About Us

Who are we?

Our company was established in 2008 in Karaköy, the center of trade and industry to sell "Mechanical Installation Products".

Since 1967, Hand Tools, technical materials, manufacturing equipment etc. Sales of Haliç Teknik Ltd. Şti. with; After that, since 1978, Diesel engine, Generator, construction machines, etc. have been produced in Karaköy. selling Haliç Makina A.Ş. companies, we have served our customers successfully for years.

As a result of the strategy of making the sales / marketing of Mechanical Installation products through a new company, Haliç Mekanik Enerji Sistemleri San. Ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. born.


What do we do? Who are our potential customers?

Our main product groups:

- Heating, Cooling, Ventilation (HVAC) products and equipment

- Pump and Booster systems

- Water Treatment / Conditioning systems and equipment

- Renewable Energy products

- Complementary Plumbing products


Our Potential Customers:

- Detached Houses

- Apartments

- Factories

- Schools

- Hospitals

- Municipalities

- commercial buildings

- Public buildings

- Gyms

- Stadiums

- Warehouses


- Etc.

In short, we sell products that may be needed wherever air conditioning or water is needed.

When necessary, we are trying to help you with your system solutions with our advice and guidance, as well as support in the determination and selection of pre-sales products.

As a result of the systematic monitoring of the stages of construction projects, we are working on technical information and price competition in order to sell the brands we sell to that project.




Why US?

- We solve your problems quickly and accurately.

- We are focused on customer satisfaction.

- We offer system solutions and suggestions.

- Experienced, hardworking, expert staff,

- We have a successful pre-sales - sales - after sales organization.

- Thanks to the stock advantage, we can deliver many products instantly.

- We reflect the advantages we have gained thanks to our strong financial structure to our customers.



What are our goals, goals and expectations?

- To act in accordance with our ethical values.

- To be able to fulfill our social and social responsibility obligations.

- To be a company that satisfies our customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

- To ensure stable and sustainable growth.

- To supply the most accurate products under the most suitable conditions by following the innovations in the sector and changing market / customer needs.

- To make a difference in the sector with innovative approaches.

- Trying to act as a bridge between suppliers and customers in the best way.

- To strive for excellence by directing most of our earnings to investments.

- To protect the health of our customers, employees and society.

- To raise awareness and guide our customers about energy efficiency in order to prevent climate change.

- To protect the rights of both our customers, our suppliers and our company. Not to be afraid of losing money if necessary for this purpose.

- To provide a safe working environment for our employees in accordance with human rights.

- To always strive to raise the bar with our diligence and desire to succeed.

- Remembering that success is a result of teamwork.

- To provide the best possible service without sacrificing quality.

- Our expectation from our employees is that they are aware of their corporate responsibilities, behave customer-oriented and in accordance with our ethical values.

-         Saving Technologies… For a better environment, a better society…